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Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou style, The Guangzhou food style is cooking consisting of seafood ingredients. The signature dish is seafood soup with selection of seafood ingredients sets such as blue crab and giant pine lobster  in golden brass pot.

” I want Youmiqi to be modern Chinese restaurant and remind customers to come back again ” The owner said.

Chinese restaurant have originally strong character, especially the round table. We want to represent the gentle, clam and simply of Asian by earth tone scheme. To create the first impression, a window display will present the fantastic of enormously fresh seafood in aquariums. The fresh seafood in aquariums is perfectly represent for restaurant genre. Inspired from fishery, we use the rope for decoration and hanging sea creatures sculpture for creating the impact and recognition for customers.

Location : Nihomachi Mall Rama 4, BKK

Photograph by AWP


Mr.Ben and Mr.Alan

Area (sqm)

240 sq.m.

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