W/Common Exclusive Workout Studio

Work Detail

this project

” Variety movement ”

We would like to represent alternative of movement and emotion to motivate users focusing on activities that can change daily from extreme combat class to peaceful activity like yoga on other day. we were inspired from people who choose different way of work out , thousand of emotion and million of movement. The space should design by remove boundary of theme but serve the variety of atmosphere to get people keep excite with daily work out finally the result is pretty amazing.

Start with cozy green space lobby base on minimal design like the work out should not complicate and blending people together. Then we flash and dope users from colorful lighting in the dark to hi-light their movement with spot light, let’s the surrounding dark like they’re on the stage even relax breathing with natural light.

The Common Pattaya , Pattaya Thailand

Area (sqm)

300 sq.m.

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