The Canary Private

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Harmony is the rhythm of “The Canary Private” dweller daily life in a peaceful environment which located at fringe of the city area, that left bustling of the Bangkok metropolis behind , being relax and surrounded by the nature instead of building.

According to contradiction of dweller’s living style.  Hence, our interior design direction will using the concept of contrast to present the opposite side of complexity in the city and be replaced with welcome, cozy, relax and bright. The color scheme tone are combination of light wood that represent cozy and bright to be opposite with grey tone of concrete building that overwhelm into the city. Meanwhile, we will add more hi-light with dark wooden trim decoration. All of the decoration items are hand craft and we also bring the nature feeling into an interior space by using some orchids, wooden roots sculptures and etc. To show a significant signage that we already left the chaos city behind, we hang the black and white city painting on the wall

Location : Paknam ,Samut Prakarn

Photograph by AWP


T.M.T. Land.Co.,ltd

Area (sqm)

400 sq.m.

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