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SCB Abacus is the first advanced data analytics spin-off in the Thai financial industry.

Our client are apply AI, Machine Learning and Data Science to extract actionable business insights from increasingly digitized information and new insights and analytics tools developed will help steer business directions and improve services for SCB and industry partners.

The inspiration for this project is how our clients working,  They always informally brainstorm all the time ,write and post the ideas also information every panels in the office. Look like it’s no boundary or limit of working space they are. We are just represent the way our client be. “Unbounded and informally”

In interior design, we renew our perception of bank office instead of keep formal and serious, we just design as the way they are like we was said “Unbounded and informally”.
They can brainstorm every corner just write and note on the writable wall. The meeting area are provide more than usual and moveable white boards for create new private corner and also small group meeting. There will always keep the boundary low and creative atmosphere like they put their suites off and have fun with working.

Location : SCB Park, BKK

Contruction : SA-ARD architecture & construction Co.,Ltd
Photographer : Nopporn Pamornsuwan


SCB Abacus

Area (sqm)

270 sq.m.

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