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“ The classy gentleman who surrounded by great fellow in many field are having brilliant conversation while smoking favorite cigar and sipping the selected liquor. And after long meeting, he is just be relaxed by listening 70′-80′ jazz, sipping single malt, reading and leaning on his favorite soft and dark leather armchair while enjoy looking art collection” These are the briefs of the owner lifestyle.

We do researching for “Cigar and Malt” to perfectly represent the lifestyle in the right way and also setting the function and material matching such as the dark brown leather for avoiding the cigar’s ash dirt and for represent the tasteful gentleman, we selected the high quality dark Italian oil leather in natural texture with button detail to create feeling of gentleman. In addition, we also located all art pieces for its outstanding to show such a good taste of art collector. To create luxury, the decoration will be combined with brass element, crystal glassware and fine whisky.

Location : Rajdumri 185 building Rajdumri, BKK

Photograph by AWP


Private residential

Area (sqm)

120 sq.m.

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